Our first training ride!

first training rideOn Saturday 30th September, 2017, with 6 whole months, 4 weeks and one day to go, Abbie and I met at Roehampton Gate car-park in Richmond Park, beloved meeting point of cyclists far and wide, for our inaugural training ride. Despite my vast cycling experience (6 months) stretching out beyond that of Abbie’s (4 months), the only notable evidence giving this away was her lack of padded lycra – something I mention only to set the scene for the coming months when she will finally have to give in and commit to one of the less exciting bike-related purchases one is required to make. Bets on how long she lasts / how many miles she’ll get before taking the plunge welcome in the comments section below, please…

So we set off – in the usual flurry of Saturday morning Richmond activity – with dogs, mini rugby players, 4WDs and the Dynamos making us feel suitably anxious and exhilarated. It was a great first ride with glorious views of London on a clockwise leg back to the carpark, a good attempt at Broomfield and plenty of wildlife to distract us. Strava tells me we clocked up 16.5 miles in 1:18:22 (bridesmaid dress shopping and dinner party prep called) – that’s 12.7mph for those of you who don’t fancy the maths – a nice leisurely start giving us plenty of room for improvement on all fronts.

Jason and Kylie (see ‘About’ for details) performed well – both a little squeaky on the gears and likely needing a service to deal with Jason’s gear cables loosening up and Kylie generally getting battered whilst I struggled (note – past tense – I’ve not come off since 15 July!) to get to grips with clips and dragged her round 100 miles in Ride London (have I mentioned I cycled 100 miles this summer?) – but it’s obviously going to be a long and happy union for them, unlike their namesakes.

We found time on Saturday night (after bridesmaid dress shopping and mid-dinner party for the Haggan’s Streatham Hill send-off) to discuss thoughts on fundraising ideas, which currently range from wine tasting at Ignition Law – my workplace and huge LEJOG supporter – and something which Abbie had described in a whatsapp the week before as: “LEJOG fundraising idea…David Attenborough and Elijah Wood…*mic drop*…explain when I see you”, the meaning of which we are still trying to fathom but presumably has something to do with us monetising the fact that Abbie and Elijah Wood have the same face (see me for details). Any suggestions as to what we do for that particular opportunity, or any other fundraising ideas, please let us know.

We will keep updating our LEJOG LeBLOG with route plans, fundraising events and terrible photos like the one above, so please keep in touch! Lots of love, Abs & Sal xxx

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