Charity Carols & InverYES!

Charity Carols & InverYES!

It’s been a busy few weeks for Team LEJOG… what we have lacked in cycling miles we’ve made up for in various life-changing acquisitions – house and puppy (Abs), a Garmin Edge 1000, some bike lights and a load of high vis (Sal) – and event planning – the LEJOG finale in Inverness and a Christmas Carol Service in just a few weeks’ time in Battersea. We have also settled on a charity to benefit from all the LEJOG goodwill and support you have offered us and are bound to offer us for a few months more…

The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity – Sarcoma Research Fund

The Royal Marsden is a world-leading specialist cancer treatment centre, which operates from two sites in Chelsea and good old Sutton where we went to school. The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity raises money to support The Royal Marsden, with the majority of funds raised going to research, treatment and care, equipment, patient environments and running costs.

Fi has been treated at The Royal Marsden in Chelsea for the last couple of years, and we are delighted to be able to support a charity which will help this particular institution.

Instead of going into the general fund, the charity will direct funds raised for our LEJOG efforts straight to the Sarcoma Research Fund. To quote the latest update from this fund, sarcoma represents just 1% of all adult cancers and, as a result, progress in sarcoma research and treatment development has been slower than in more common cancer types. The money we raise will go directly to help research in this area and hopefully make a significant impact on this under-researched type of the disease.

If you would like any more information on sarcoma, The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity or the Sarcoma Research Fund itself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

LEJOG Christmas Carols

The date is set for our first LEJOG fundraising event! We will be holding a Christmas carol service at 7pm at St Mary’s Church in Battersea on Thursday 7th December and would love you and your family and friends to join us. The more people the merrier!

Reasons to come to the LEJOG Christmas carol service:

  • Everyone loves a carol service
  • Really good prep for Christmas karaoke
  • It’s in a VERY pretty Church on the River Thames in Battersea – great for Insta and, for any Aussies out there, practically counts as mid-week sight-seeing in London
  • We will plan drinks at a pub for afterwards – who doesn’t want festive drinks on the first Thursday in December?!
  • Abbie will perform a solo if we sell over 100 tickets
  • There will be mince pies
  • There might be mulled wine
  • See all your mates in one go

Reasons not to come to the LEJOG Christmas carl service:

  • Literally none

If you would like to come (which you obviously would), please go to our fundraising site

and donate some money (we are suggesting £20pp) and write ‘Carol service’ in the blurb.

st marys


More on this to follow but for now we wanted to flag the dates we anticipate finishing LEJOG and holding the finale party in Inverness as loads of you (c. 5) have expressed an interest in joining us for the last leg or the party and we’d love you to save the date and book flights.

The final leg of our LEJOG journey will be on Friday 11th May where we will cycle the last 70ish mile leg to end in John O’Groats, when we will somehow make it back to Inverness for a celebration on Saturday 12th May. Actually, not that close to JOG (2.5 hours in a car), we have picked Inverness so you can fly in and out from London with maximum efficiency and minimal effort. Always wanted to visit Inverness and never quite found the right reason? You. Are. Welcome.

Spread the word, share the LEJOG love, etc.

Abs & Sal xxx



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