The Final Countdown

So with just three days to go and a smattering of new followers we thought it might be time to ramp up our virtual presence and make sure everyone knows exactly how to follow us and get involved with the LEJOG adventure…

To put many of your minds at rest, training has taken a sharp upturn in the last month and in some small and distant part of our minds we actually believe we might now have the ability to get the LEJOG leJOB done. After a flurry of last minute purchases (including one new bike – it’s not like running a marathon in new shoes, right?!), two weekends ago we managed 83 miles on both Saturday and Sunday in the Wiggle New Forest Spring Sportive. Whilst nutrition and lodgings at Ford Farm might have been somewhat more luxurious than we can expect from the Premier Inns and Wetherspoons hotels we’ve booked for LEJOG (the champagne at the end of day one and being packed off with gourmet bacon sandwiches on day 2 were particular highlights, thank you Dad and Jane!) the New Forest event threw up a useful range of weather conditions (scorching sunshine and torrential rain) and gave us a chance to test out our kit, fitness and mental resolve. The odd pep talk was required on day 2 (thanks Abs) but we finished the weekend thinking: training actually works a bit, doesn’t it?! Maybe we can give this thing a good go…

Roll forward two weeks and here we are – almost* (*nowhere near) packed and ready to go. On Saturday we will travel down to Cornwall to stay at the Dlaboha-Morrison’s in Padstow and on Sunday, we will be getting this show on the road!

In terms of following our journey – we hope to blog daily here as well as posting Instagram stories throughout each day on Sal’s Instagram (sallyaugustajohnston). If you enjoy a blog post or see a story you like, please drop us a line / words of encouragement / give us some stick about how ridiculous we look in lycra, etc. Sal had a brilliant day watching Alice and Sarah in the marathon on Sunday (who both smashed it – well done girls!) and it seemed like the cheering and support really helped the runners get round. We really love giving each other pep talks on rainy English roadsides, but any little messages we get along the way from you lot are really going to help push us on each day.

Finally – let’s remember what drove us to this mad idea almost exactly a year ago. Our brilliant friend Fiona Strong has been bravely battling a very rare and brutal form of cancer for over two years. You can read more about her story here and donate to her crowdfunding campaign for treatment here Any money not used for Fi’s cancer treatment will go to cancer charities.

If you would prefer to donate to the Royal Marsden Sarcoma Fund then you can still do that by clicking the donate button on this blog.

So – we hope you are looking forward to joining us on this adventure and please keep in touch along the way!

All our love, Abs and Sal xxx

8 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. Just signed up today to your blog girls, wishing you both every success in your cycle, I hope the sun shines for you and the breeze is always behind you pushing you on. A truly awesome challenge for a wonderfully fantastic cause – all the luck in world you two. Xxx

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  2. I’m greatly looking forward to your adventure. When I did my LEJOG I was offered lots of weird and wonderful advice which I listened to and disregarded most. However, hand sanitizer, there is nothing worse than cycling long distance with a grumbling tummy. You’ll no doubt be stopping for a drink and a handful of something at the side of the road.
    All the very best to you both and I will look forward to your blogs.

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  3. Dear Ab’s & Sally,
    We hope you enjoy this experience & raise lots for this very worthy cause. I’m sure you have many followers that are really proud of you both for taking on this challenge best of luck & Lots of love
    Tracy & Mark xxx

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  4. Just signed up to your blog and I’m ready to go for LEJOG! Sally, you’re an absolute champion for taking this on! I’ll tell my mum you’re doing this and see if she can join for leg on my (and her own) behalf! And Abs, haven’t met you before but if you’re a friend of Sally and someone that takes on such a great challenge, then you must be a legend too 🙂 Good luck in the final days of prep – you can do it!

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  5. Wishing you both GOOD LUCK on this adventure, looking forward to reading your blog. Will donate towards your fund raising 🙂 xx


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