The LEJOG countdown is back on…

So, here we are again, with two and a half-ish months to go until LEJOG!

may blog 3

We thought it was time to update you on our new plans and put your minds at rest that: NO, with an extra three months of training, we still won’t be too fast for you to join us for a leg…. and YES, we do realise that cycling through Cornwall, Devon and the Lake District during the school holidays – not to mention Edinburgh during the Fringe festival – is a really sensible move from us both… But with 362 weddings and hen-dos between us from now and the end of the year, a two-week nuptial-free slot in August was what we had to settle on. Our new itinerary is as follows:

19th August – Lands End to Camelford

20th August – Camelford to Tiverton

21st August – Tiverton to Clevedon (Sal’s birthday)

22nd August – Clevedon to Tewkesbury

23rd August – Tewkesbury to Stafford

24th August – Stafford to Hindley

25th August – Hindley to Kendal

26th August – Kendal to Lockerbie

27th August – Lokerbie to Newbirdge (Edinburgh)

28th August – Newbridge to Pitlochry

29th August – Pitlochry to Craggie

30th August – Craggie to Golspie

31st August – Golspie to John O Groats

1st September – BBQ in Inverness

So what’s the good news about the new dates? A few thoughts below…

  1. The weather will be glorious! Everyone knows August is the best weather month of the year in the UK and 2018 will be no exception.
  2. It will also be Sally’s birthday on Day 3 – join us on that day and you’ll be released from all other birthday-celebrating duties for the rest of the summer. That’s up to three additional free weekends for one day’s cycling. You do the maths.
  3. It gives you time to train and join us! Now – this one is rather important. For the last year there have been rumblings from many of you about getting stuck in, but by the time it came down to it we had commitments from a mere 3 of the brilliant Ignition Law team, and literally no-one else. Admittedly, the thought of training through the Winter months in England might have put you off, but now you have a second chance to get involved, and we would really, truly, love your support. We urge you to please let us know ASAP if you would like to take part for a day’s cycling so that we can help you with accommodation and try and align our roadside support crew.
  4. (Alternatively, we’d love any offers of driving support for any legs and or just a bit of roadside cheering if you happen to be in Cornwall or the Lake District over any of the weekend days. Or, if you fancy a weekend in Inverness with a celebratory BBQ on the Saturday, please join us for that!)
  5. And last but absolutely not least, this gives us all a chance to raise money for the new foundation which Fi’s family are setting up in her honour – as well as to celebrate the girl we miss so terribly. Fi was always our biggest supporter and we would love to make this something she would have been truly proud of. More on fundraising in the coming weeks.

Finally, we ought to briefly mention some actual cycling antics…Now we aren’t convinced that any of you follow our social media streams particularly closely but if you do, you will have seen Sal going insta-crazy in Calais recently cycling in the Altura Le Classique Sportive one-day cycling event across the channel. Having been awarded a coveted role as a brand ambassador for Altura for their Spring/Summer ’18 season, she now has legitimate reason to ramp up the LEJOG chat and hopefully work with Altura on some LEJOG content whilst sporting all their brilliant kit. Adventure one will be cycling to Oxford this Saturday to visit Mike White and meet up with the rest of the Oxford weekend-ing gang, absolutely none of whom she could persuade to join her on two-wheels… (thanks, guys) Watch this space!

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Not to be outdone, Abbie got a bit overexcited and signed up to join her spin studio’s cycle team for the London to Surrey RIDE 100 on 29th July. Nothing like the panic of joining a pro spinning instructor team to reignite the training enthusiasm – thanks Team TurnFit! Just three weeks before LEJOG this iconic ride should be a good warm up for the real thing (although Sal swiftly pointed out that we’ve signed up to a 96 mile challenge the following week – Surrey Gran Fondo on Saturday 4th August, anyone?!).

may blog 1

Lots of love (and please get in touch if you’d like to be involved!)

Abs & Sal xxxx

8 thoughts on “The LEJOG countdown is back on…

  1. Fantastic, I am getting a small team together re last three legs, let me have details of accommodation so can get booked up bearing in mind summer hols.etc
    Really looking forward to it, your both stars
    PS I m quite slow

    Liked by 1 person

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