LEgistics & LEJOGraphy

LEgistics & LEJOGraphy

You can all breathe a long-held sigh of relief as we finally embark on LEJOG this weekend and the end of us boring you all senseless on the topic is nigh. Until then, stick with us if you can. If we’ve somehow managed to keep your attention to this point then we hope the unfolding action over the next couple of weeks might be your reward. For now though, we simply hope to set out some information as to where we will be each day and how you can track our progress.

To help with this we’ve made a handy table below showing all the dates and where we will be starting and ending each day. Feel free to print or screenshot for instant access.

Day Date Start Finish
1 Sunday 19th August Lands End Camelford
2 Monday 20th August Camelford Tiverton
3 Tuesday 21st August Tiverton Clevedon
4 Wednesday 22nd August Clevedon Tewkesbury
5 Thursday 23rd August Tewkesbury Stafford
6 Friday 24th August Stafford Hindley
7 Saturday 25th August Hindley Kendal
8 Sunday 26th August Kendal Lockerbie
9 Monday 27th August Lockerbie Newbridge (Edinburgh)
10 Tuesday 28th August Newbridge (Edinburgh) Pitlochry
11 Wednesday 29th August Pitlochry Craggie (Inverness)
12 Thursday 30th August Craggie (Inverness) Golspie
13 Friday 31st August Golspie John O Groats

Here, we have also noted who will be supporting and cycling with us at various times (and this doesn’t acknowledge the extended crew meeting us at the JOG finish line and joining us for the weekend celebrations in Inverness – we can’t wait to see you all too!).

Day Support crew / friends in the area Joining the peloton
1 Lee, Jo, Lorraine & James
2 Lee & Jo
3 Lee & Jo (David & Jane arrive) Team Ignition: Mike, Ben & Lizzie
4 David & Jane Matt & Zara (David & Jane)
5 David & Jane (David & Jane)
6 David & Jane depart / James arrives
7 Haggans & Laidlers in the Lake District Clive & Kev
8 Haggans & Laidlers in the Lake District Clive, Kev, James & Alex
9 James
10 James
11 James (Lorraine, Phil & Fran arrive)
12 James, Lorraine, Phil & Fran
13 James, Lorraine, Phil & Fran

In addition, the following gives you a more visual version of the tour with the tiny numbers denoting which day we’ll be travelling between the various locations:

Neither of us giving up our careers to become artists any time soon

In terms of following us – Sal will be posting Insta stories (@sallyaugustajohnston) at very regular intervals (apologies in advance for any face to camera scenes) and we hope to blog each day on here with a quick rundown and selection of pics. It would be great to hear from you whilst we’re en route so please do get in touch. We will be using the hashtag #strongforstrong in case you would like to follow that or indeed use it in your public messages of support.

We are also due to take over the Altura instagram on Wednesday 29th August so follow them too (@alturacycling) to see our best attempts at being “influencers” for a day in some snazzy Altura kit!

If you have any questions please let us know before Friday and thank you again everyone for all your continued support – we really could not be doing this without you.

Training reel

Finally, if you’d like to sponsor our efforts please donate to the Fiona Strong Memorial Fund here. We might sound relaxed and breezy in this blog (at least that is what we have aimed for) but we are under no illusions as to how challenging the next couple of weeks will be, and equally how the strength required for us to get from Lands’ End to John O Groats pales in comparison to the strength Fi showed during her illness.

Abs & Sal xxx

The LEJOG hand sign – get practising

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