Day 10 – Edinburgh to Pitlochry

65 (long) miles.

We. Hate. Hills. Even beautiful Scottish hills (mountains?!) that take your breath away (quite literally in our case). *ALL* hills are the enemy today – the day that our legs threatened to give up. That pretty much sums up LEJOG day 10 and is all our chafed and wind burnt bodies can muster for this evening’s blog. The ‘pants of perspective’ (last seen on Sally on Saturday) may need to put in an appearance tomorrow to remind us what we’re doing here…

(We do love Loch Leven Cycles and Heaven Scent Cafe in Kinross, though – more on them tomorrow).

Feeling a bit tired,

A & S x

7 thoughts on “Day 10 – Edinburgh to Pitlochry

  1. Well done both of you! What an amazing sustained effort to get you so far! Now it’s a classic case of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”! You’ve got so much behind you so just stay strong, focused and positive. So great to get your updates – brilliant stuff all round.


  2. Huge respect girls … Keep it going. It gets easier tomorrow! Do PLEASE reroute and aviod the A9 … head for the Crask Inn !


  3. Won see ful energy and effort. Running out of superlatives to describe what you are achieving, human endurance knows no bounds! Love you both so very much xx


  4. The old road (A9) north of Pitlochry….the scenery, the hills, you just seem so small. I had a knee injury at this point which was exasperated by torrential rain and ridiculous headwinds. I know what you girls are going through and I’m gunning for you. All the very best.


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